The aims of the Science Curriculum at Stockingford Academy are:

  • To inspire a sense of excitement and curiosity about the world around us
  • To develop scientific skills including questioning, investigating, observing and drawing conclusions
  • To develop scientific knowledge and understanding
  • To use scientific concepts to explain everyday occurrences
  • To explore and appreciate the work of a range of great British and World scientists.

Delivering of Science lessons at Stockingford Academy:

Science is planned and delivered following Inspire Education Trust’s own Science long-term plan.  Children’s skills are developed through cohesive units of work based around the three disciplines within Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Biology is learning about living things and their environments. 

Chemistry is learning about what materials are made of what they are used for and how they can change.

Physics is learning about energy and how things move.

Science is taught through motivating and engaging half term units such as ‘Let’s Grow!’ ‘The Chemistry Kitchen’ and ‘Danger: Low Voltage!’ Science units are built on the following teaching sequence: