The aims of the Physical Education Curriculum at Stockingford are:

  • To build an awareness of the ‘positive mental health’ benefits of regular exercise and activity
  • To promote the idea of leading a healthy, active life
  • To develop physical knowledge and skills
  • To participate and perform with increasing competence and confidence in a range of activities/sports
  • To build engagement in physical activity for sustained periods of time
  • To promote character building, self-improvement and teamwork skills in competitive sport
  • To develop confidence and excellence across a variety of sports.

Delivering of Physical Education lessons at Inspire:

Throughout their primary education, children will learn and develop a range movements and skills within timetabled discrete PE lessons. Please see below for a small example of the topics that we cover:

Swimming Expectation:

Before leaving primary school, our goal is for children to ‘swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres’.

Enrichment Opportunities

The Inspire Education Trust, trust, works closely with a range of different partners and agencies to give our children diverse opportunities to access competitive sports. Children will be encouraged to compete against themselves, as well as individuals and teams from other schools.

‘After School’ PE Clubs at Stockingford:

After School Sports Clubs play an important role in encouraging exercise above and beyond the weekly two-hour expectation. They also provide a space for children to build confidence, benefit from smaller group teaching, and advance in their special talent or passion and to build on teamwork, communication and life skills.