Access to view key policies and local Stockingford Academy policies can be found by clicking on the policy shown below.  For a full list of Trust Policies please Click here

Accessibility & Disability Plan Policy: Click here

Admission Policy 24-25: Click here

Admission Policy 25-26: Click here

Attendance and Exceptional Leave Policy: Click here

Child on Child Abuse Policy: Click here

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy: Click here

Children with Health Needs Who Cannot Attend School Policy: Click here

Collection of Children Policy: Click here

Complaints Policy: Click here

Digital Technology Policy: Click here

Designated Teacher Procedure: Click here

Educational Visits Policy: Click here

Exclusions Policy: Click here

Freedom of Information Policy: Click here

Inclusion Policy: Click here

Intimate Care Procedure: Click here

Parent-Carer Links Policy: Click here

Pupil Premium Policy: Click here

Recruitment and Selection Policy: Click here

Relational Behaviour Policy: Click here

Single Equality Scheme Policy: Click here

Special Educational Needs & Disability Policy (SEND: Click here

Subject Access Request Policy: Click here

Suspension & Permanent Exclusion Policy: Click Here

Special Category Data Policy: Click here

Transition Procedure: Click here

Uniform Policy: Click here

Whistleblowing Policy: Click here