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Easter Home Learning Packs

 Easter Stockingford Learning Project Week 1.pdfDownload
 Easter Around the World YNR Y12 Week 2.pdfDownload
 Easter around the World Stockingford Learning Project Week 2.pdfDownload
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Home Learning Pack Week 2, WB 30.03.2020

 Daily Learning Tasks Nursery Reception.pdfDownload
 In the Forest Learning Project Nursery Reception.pdfDownload
 My Family Learning Project Nursery Reception.pdfDownload
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Home Learning Pack Week 1, WB 23.03.2020

 1. Front Cover.docxDownload
 2. Home Learning - Introductory Letter (1).docxDownload
 3. Adding_to_10.pdfDownload
 4. Cardboard Tube Rocket Craft Instructions.pdfDownload
 5. Early Learning Goals Parent and Carers Guide.pdfDownload
 6. Easter-Themed-Maths-Activity-Book_ver_4.pdfDownload
 7. EYFS Counting and Ordering Numbers to 20 Home Learning Challenges.pdfDownload
 8. I Spy.pdfDownload
 9. Make an Emoji Face Cutting Skills Activity.pdfDownload
 10. number_bonds_5and10.docDownload
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